This recipe can be done by roasting in an oven or stir frying in a thin layer of olive oil. In either case, fresh walnut kernels are heated enough to brown them lightly. This process should only take a minute or two.

In the case of oven roasting, sprinkle them with salt and finely chopped fresh rosemary prior to roasting. With those cooked by stir frying, drain the kernels and sprinkle them with the salt and rosemary. Server hot or cold.

This is delicious with a pre-dinner drink but watch out with the quantity so that your guests have room left to eat the rest of your meal!

NOTE: This must be consumed within a few days. Also, avoid any old kernels with any hint of rancidity or bitterness.

This recipe is courtesy of Nogalba nuts, Italy, and was served to those attending the Pre-Conference Tour of the 5th International Walnut Symposium.