Introducing the HARPS Newsletter!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the HARPS Newsletter!

To say that 2020 has been a year of change would be an understatement. With the change we have all been experiencing, mostly video conferencing from behind our computers, rather than face-to-face, we thought there was no better time than the present to launch the inaugural HARPS Newsletter.

Clearly COVID-19 has been hugely impactful, not only from the endless commentary around the need to ‘pivot during these unprecedented times’, but also because it has challenged all businesses to think differently and reflect upon their core business risks. We may well look back on COVID-19 as the catalyst to initiate a wave of innovation that would have taken decades to deliver otherwise. From a HARPS perspective, we are now having conversations about remote auditing, certificate authentication using secure fingerprint technology, site identification using geolocation information and, of course, greater use of online delivery platforms to improve efficiencies and minimise cost for every aspect of HARPS.

The quarterly HARPS Newsletter has been designed to aid our communication with the horticulture industry and to help keep you informed of important changes and updates to HARPS – and needless to say, it’s only delivered electronically! We hope you find value in the content and do please let us know what topics you would like to hear about.

You’ve received this email as you’ve previously requested to be a subscriber. If you ever find that what we offer in this newsletter is not for you, simply click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of any email from HARPS and your email address will be removed from our mailing list.

Welcome once again and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Tristan Kitchener

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Source: HARPS (Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme)