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Fresh Australian walnuts are harvested in Autumn. They taste sweet and crunchy and are high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

What to look for…….


Walnuts in shells must be dry, practically clean, bright and free from splits, injury by discoloration, and free from damage caused by broken shells, perforated shells, adhering hulls or other means.

Kernels must be well dried, free from decay, dark discoloration, rancidity, and free from damage caused by mould, shrivelling, insects or other means.



The Australian Walnut Industry uses nut sizes based on metric measure of millimetres (mm) as the industry standard and the ONLY accepted method of nut sizing.

This method of measure is used in other countries including Europe.

There are three categories:

  • Under 32 mm
  • Between 32 and 36 mm
  • Over 36 mm

The sizing listed on the label/packaging must reflect the size of nuts, in mm, within the bag.

The mm measurement allows producers to satisfy customer requirements by:

  • Adopting standardized sizes for Australian walnuts.
  • Using a clearly defined measure based on the diameter of nuts.
  • Providing greater flexibility in grouping of nut sizes.



Remove nuts from bags and store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. Nuts can be refrigerated for up to 4 months and frozen for up to 6 months. Remember, bringing nuts back to room temperature before eating can help them taste nuttier.


Fresh Walnut Suppliers

Brigadoon Walnuts

Princes Highway, Lakes Entrance

A few minutes travel towards Melbourne road from Lakes Entrance. The driveway is just on the ocean side of the Lakes Entrance airstrip. Also available through direct sales at selected local markets.


Coaldale Walnuts

Coaldale Walnuts are grown in the Coal River Valley, Southern Tasmania. We sell in-shell walnuts, cracked kernel, and pickled walnuts.
See our website to buy online or to see our list of stockists by state:


Gapsted Walnuts

We have walnuts for sale. 55 Kerferd St Malvern East VIC 3145
Please call
Marilla 03 9500 8118


Goulburn Valley Walnuts Pty Ltd

Walnut processing facility
Wholesale & retail enquiries welcome for Walnuts In-Shell, Walnut Kernel & Walnut Oil
For further information contact
Ron Williams:
Phone: 0488 513 348


King Valley Walnuts

Growers of Walnuts in NE Victoria.
We wholesale orders 100 kg plus, In shell and kernel. Retail via email (posted) and select farmers markets.
call Carol on 0417 565 493 or
Website: for online sales


Omega Walnuts

Growers of Walnuts in Western Australia
PO Box 808, MANJIMUP.WA.6258
Phone: 08 9772 1502
Mobile: 0411 148 864



Walnut processing for both small and larger growers.
Wholesale and Retail enquiries welcome.
Please phone Peter Stanton – 0412 028 486
Website: or


Sassafras Nuts NSW Southern Highlands

  • Farm gate sales in March/April
  • Green walnuts by order December/January

Contact: 02 4423 2248 (farm) or 0450 220 451 (mobile)


Somerset Park Walnuts

Fresh Local Walnuts near Bendigo, inshell and kernel
available at local farmers markets or by postal delivery.


Tamar Valley Walnuts

Tasmanian walnuts for sale
Phone: Suzette on 0439 826 351
Wayne on 0427 191 866


The Walnut Grove, Bathurst, NSW

For sale:

  • Green walnuts for making nocino and pickled walnuts available early summer.
  • Premium quality Australian walnut oil. Delicious flavour, preservative-free.
  • Fine milled walnut flour. Gluten-free, rich in protein and fibre

Contact Sally: 0418 664 672 E-mail:



Wholesale and retail enquiries welcome
Phone +612 6951 3000


Wellwood Wallace Walnuts

97-145 Westcotts Road Wallace, Vic
Phone 0429 091 585
Certified Organic Walnuts, walnut oil and other walnut products.
To purchase go to our website


Willowbridge Walnuts

In-Shell Walnuts for sale.
Collect orders from Kew, VIC 3101.
Please call Jill: 0402 619 880


Wintersun Walnuts

Cameron & Johnsons Rd, Hallston, Vic
Phone Cath Chiba 0402 892 466
Free delivery for Glen Eira and Bayside suburbs in Melbourne for orders over 6 kg


Nut Processors

Quality Walnut Producers

Walnut processing for both small and larger producers.
For further information contact
Lachie McKenzie 0428 302 177
Mr Robert Atkin 0407 182 009.
Web site: or


Goulburn Valley Walnuts P/L

Walnut processing facility.
Products: Walnut in-shell, Walnut kernel, Walnut oil
For further information contact
Ron Williams:
Phone: 0488 513 348


King Valley Walnuts

In Shell Walnut processing facility for growers
contact Carol on 03 5729 7647 or


The Victorian Walnut Company (TVWC)

Located in Tatura East, Victoria
Australia’s new premium state-of-the-art walnut processing and packaging facility.
TVWC will accept unprocessed walnuts from growers who meet TVWC and market standards.
For further information, please contact:
Howard Myers – 0400 650 265
Shane Weller – 0428 826 937



Phone +612 6951 3000