Walnut Industry Voluntary Levy Fund Rules

As of November 2012 Annual General Meeting the Industry Voluntary Levy changed from a levy per tree to a production per kg contribution.

  1.  Voluntary Levy funds are to be paid in advance by 14th July of each year starting with the financial year 2004 – 2005.  The levy should be paid by direct deposit or cheque and accompanied by a calculation summary. 

 2.  The Voluntary Levy is based on a production contribution of one cent per kilogram of in shell production (final grading).

  3.    4.  There is a minimum Voluntary Levy of $100. Note that even if your calculation summary is less than $100, the minimum Voluntary Levy is  $100 in any given year.

4.  Funds generated by the Voluntary Levy will be used for research into increasing productivity and quality associated with walnut production in Australia and for market research purposes. 

  5.  Only Growers who have contributed to the  Voluntary Levy Fund can propose research topics.

 6.  The Voluntary Levy and Research Committee will collate all proposals and put them to Levy Paying Growers to vote upon. The Committee will be elected by the AWIA Executive Committee.

7.  Voting powers of each eligible Grower will be proportional to the contribution made by that Grower compared with the total Voluntary Levy funds collected.

8.  Once topics have been selected, the Voluntary Levy and Research Committee will develop a Research Strategic Plan outlining longer term objectives and an Annual Investment Plan based on the Strategic Plan detailing short term priorities.  Detailed project briefs will be put out to various research providers to tender upon and then apply to Horticulture Australia Ltd or a similar body for $ for $ funding assistance.

9.  Only Levy Paying Growers will be privy to progressive results and reports from the research, and the results and reports will not be published for a period of 1 year.

10.  The Rules may be changed at any AWIA AGM.

Updated November 2014

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